Hi! is a fashion brand that represents collections of bags, backpacks and many more handmade fashion products. The brand features vibrant, varied colors and playful, simple product designs that are practical, durable and well-made. The quality of materials used in production is also an important characteristic of the brand. It represents a large part of the efforts put into the process of developing a product from the idea to the final flawless accessory piece, which you will wear with delight.

What all our products have in common is high quality and that they are animal and enviromentally friendly. We do not use any materials of animal origin, and in the future we also want to fulfill our vision, which is that all our products will be made of environmentally friendly and natural materials.

All of Hi! products are created and handmade in our workshop in Slovenia, Europe, where we pay constant special attention to the quality of work and the perfection of our final products. All of our products are made by order.

  We strive to make your new handbag as functional as possible in addition to its attractive look so it becomes a part of your everyday life.

Hi! represents the main qualities of its founders – simplicity, creativity and positivity.